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Finale Smoothie Powder Mix


Smoothie Mix

FINALE Powder Mix is the perfect smoothie icy cool drinks and hot beverages for all, anytime of the day.  Finale is a gourmet Powder Mix Brand manufactured with high quality ingredients for the fantastic flavour and taste. You can really taste our rich cocoa in our Chocolate Mix.  Our French Vanilla is of the optimal strength as it brings out not only the Vanilla taste but also enhances the additional ingredients put into the blending, such as other fruits, syrups, coffee or tea concentrate for the perfect tasting smoothie drink. 

Vanilla Smoothie MixVanilla Powder Mix

As for the hot beverages, all we need is Finale powder mix and hot water or replace with heated milk for a richer smooth creamier treat.

Finale Smoothie Mix

powder mix

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We provide consultancy services and customization of powder mix ice blending training programs, total solutions concept, creative Food & Beverage concepts to various organizations and individuals.


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