KF1800KE 640

Whether you want to grind a large or small amount of coffee, whether the grind needs to be fine or coarse: in Ditting range of products you will find the right machine for yourrequirements. Ditting offers various proven models, innovative equipment variants and creative colour ranges for you to choose from.

Ditting grinders reflect the latest state of the art capabilities. They achieve this quality factor through consistent, ongoing development of the individual units taking current customer requirements into account and by adapting to safety and hygiene regulations.

The key part of any grinder is the grinding mechanism. Ditting attaches special importance to the design and manufacture of outstanding grinding mechanisms which guarantee uniform and gentle grinding whatever setting is required, time and time again. For you and your customers, this uniform grinding ensures a full release of aroma and extraction of flavour comes to fruition during the brewing process.

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Precision dosage
KE 640
Small coffee shops
Quantity ground less than 15kg/day, quantity per grind up to 500g
KR 804, KR805/905, possibly KFA, KFR 903
Quantity ground 15 to 30kg/day, quantity per grind up to 1000g
KFA, KFR 903, 1003
Large, highly frequented coffee shops
Quantity ground upwards of 30kg/day, quantity per grind up to 1000g
KFR, KR 1203, 1403
Quantity ground more than 50kg, quantity per grind up to 1000g
KFR, KR 1403
Supermarket (self-service)
KFR 1403
KF 804, possibly KF 903
For grinding small quantities of customer specific coffee blends up to 250kg/day.
KF(A) 1403 with 10kg hopper
Normal grinding in roasting plants
KF 1800



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Ditting Grinder Discs

For more than 50 years Ditting has been active in the development and production of high quality grinding discs and have acquired a leading position in the coffee sector. They consistently invest in new technologies and materials to ensure that in the future too we will be able to supply best quality grinding discs at fair prices. (read more)

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